LFP1240M Waterproof Lithium Battery

Introducing the VMAX LFP1240M, the ultimate compact trolling motor battery. Designed for kayaks, paddle boards, and inflatable boats, this lightweight powerhouse offers unparalleled performance and convenience. 

With an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, the VMAX LFP1240M can withstand the rigors of marine environments, providing peace of mind even in challenging conditions. Equipped with a heavy-duty battery management system (BMS) and a maximum continuous discharge current of 60 Amps, it ensures both safety and efficiency. 

Not only is the VMAX LFP1240M eco-friendly and efficient, but its high energy density and small size make it a compact powerhouse. With fast charging capabilities and high efficiency, it offers less downtime and more time on the water. 

Compact, portable, and durable, the VMAX LFP1240M fits in tight spaces and is easy to carry. With a 10-year lifespan, stable performance, and maintenance-free experience, it is a trustworthy investment for any small watercraft owner. 

Tailored for modern trolling motors, the VMAX LFP1240M offers ample power with a 12.8V nominal voltage and a capacity of 512Wh or 40Ah. Experience the convenience and performance of the VMAX LFP1240M, the ultimate compact trolling motor battery for small watercraft enthusiasts.

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