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VARC52 VMAX audio remotes controller
VARC52 VMAX audio remotes controller

VARC52 VMAX audio remotes controller

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The ARC52 is a smart controller that monitors the voltage of your battery keeping your audio/video system working within an adequate range to ensure performance and minimize equipment failure due to voltage drops.  The ARC52 will also act as a safeguard against draining your vehicle’s battery due to excessive discharge when using high power audio systems.


Outputs: The ARC52 has two groups of Remote Outputs; 5 controlled and 2 non-controlled Outputs.  The first is monitored and controlled by the ARC52 unit while the second has same ON/OFF status as that of the ARC52 REMOTE IN (powered by head unit  ACC. output) .

Battery Monitor: The ARC52 monitors the battery voltage to insure that its charge level is adequate to power the equipment it is controlling.  Whenever battery voltage falls to an inadequate level, the ARC52 will turn off all 5 controlled remote outputs.  Unit will turn these outputs on only after battery voltage exceeds 12V.

Digital Display: Shows battery voltage eliminating the guesswork of your battery voltage level. 

LED Power Indicators: The ARC52 has three LED’s showing the status of the REMOTE IN, the 5 controlled outputs and the 2 Remote outputs.

Dimensions:  5.7” (L) x 3.1”(W) x 1.1”(H)

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