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LFPGC2-12175XTR LiFePO4 Li-Iron 12V 175AH Dual Purpose Battery

LFPGC2-12175XTR LiFePO4 Li-Iron 12V 175AH Dual Purpose Battery

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Nominal Voltage12.8V (3.2V/cell)
Rated Capacity (20h @ 25C)175AH
Rated Energy2240Wh
Output Voltage Range10.0V-14.6V
Charging Voltage14.4V - 14.6V (CC-CV)
Cut-Off Voltage10.0V
Max. Constant Charging Current100A 
Recommended Charging Current20A-75A  
Recommended Charger TypeCC-CV  until current <3.5A  (0.02C)
Max. Constant Discharge Current100A
Max. 3sec Discharge Current350A
Charging Temperature0C ~ 45C (+32F~ +113F) 
Discharging Temperature-20C ~ 65C (-4F ~ +150F)
Storage Temperature-20C ~ 45C (-4F ~ +113F)
Built-in BMSYes
Over-Charge Voltage ProtectionModule: >14.8V, Cell: >3.8V
Over-Discharge Voltage ProtectionModule: <10.0V, Cell: <2.0V
Over-Charge Current Protection>105A w/15sec Delay, >120A w/ 2sec Delay
Over-Discharge Current Protection>105A w/ 15sec Delay, >350A w/ 3sec Delay 
Short-Circuit Protection>400A
Cell BalancePassive, 150mA
Over-Temperature Protection-Charging<-5C ( 23F) , >65C (150F)
Over-Temperature Protection-Discharging<-20C (-4F), >65C (150F)
Cycle Life @80% DOD~6000 @ 35A, 25C (77F)l
Cycle Life @90% DOD
>4000  @ 35A, 25C (77F)
Design Life~10 Years
Battery Case MaterialABS
Dimensions L x W X H9.5" x 7.3" x 10.8"
TerminalsM8 Screw In (~5/16")

VMAX LFP battery modules consist of high quality cells, components and a custom designed BMS giving them many advantages including:

  • High performance long life, safe and wide temperature range LFP single cells.
  • High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution.
  • High efficiency, fast charging.
  • Built-in BMS offering voltage, current and temperature protection.
  • Standard battery case for an easy VRLA battery replacement.
  • 10 years design life, Stable performance, maintenance-free.

Recommended Charging Options:

  • Use a VMAX AGM Charger* or a LiFePO4 Smart & Microprocessor controlled charger with the recommended specs above.
  • <15V alternator if used in vehicle or marine application.
  • Compatible Lithium Charge controller if used in solar applications.
  • Charge at Max Charging current only in situations when fastest charging rate is needed. Not recommended on an ongoing basis.  
  • Do not Recondition Lifepo4 batteries. 
* VMAX Charging time for a fully discharged 175AH battery:
VMAX Charger Model #
EST. Charging Time (Hours)
VBC1215LFP, BC8S1215A
VBC1220LFP, BC8S1220A

Recommended uses:
Trolling Motors, Solar Power Backup, UPS, Portable Devices, Medical Cart Applications, Camping, Trailers, Boats, and most deep cycle applications.
Audio: 2250Wrms, 5000Wpeak
Parallel wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries. 
Series wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries.

BCI Group Codes*:

       Matching Termination:  GC2 (+ on L.H.S. & - on R.H.S)
* Matching is based on closest dimensional specifications. SaveSave

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