Founded in 1991, Michigan-based VMAX USA specializes in manufacturing high-performance batteries for heavy-duty applications that deliver reliable performance, high-capacity output, and unmatched deep cycle capabilities. From high-powered competition audio systems and vehicle hydraulics to marine, RV, solar, commercial, or industrial applications, VMAXTANKS™ delivers a reliable power source with maximum performance, minimum maintenance, and the best value. Our AGM line is well-known for its durability, power generation capabilities, discharge rate, and reliability. Our proprietary, military-grade alloys and glass mats ensure that our AGM line offers a solution for virtually any requirement or industry need. We also design and manufacture class-leading lithium batteries suitable for a wide range of applications.

Industries We Serve 

 At VMAX USA, we design and manufacture power solutions for multiple industries, including: 

 • Solar power storage/backup 

• Competition car audio and hydraulics 

• Marine uses, including sailboats, fishing applications, and more 

• Mobility applications, including scooters and wheelchairs 

• Industrial needs, including high current ratings for high surge demands 

• Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries 

• Camping and recreational vehicle needs 

• Medical industry requirements, including hospitals, clinics, and first responders 

• …and more

Our Mission 

 Our mission is simple – to design and manufacture batteries that deliver uncompromising performance and power delivery even in the most demanding conditions and situations. We proudly power everything from lifesaving hospital equipment to heavy-duty diesel equipment within industrial settings and military equipment on the front lines. 

VMAXTANKS. Tough Batteries for Tough Applications.

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