VMAX USA specializes in manufacturing high performance batteries for heavy duty applications delivering performance, high capacity and unmatched deep cycle capabilities.

Whether it is a high power competition audio system, hydraulics, marine, RV, solar, commercial or industrial application, VMAXTANKS™ will offer you a reliable power source with maximum performance, minimum maintenance and best value.

We pride ourselves with the high quality custom alloys and Glass Mats used throughout our AGM line.  Designed specifically to meet the demands of tough applications, VMAXTANKS™ occupy a lead position in the field of deep cycle batteries.

Compared to the majority of Marine and Mobility battery manufacturers offering Starting batteries with some Deep Cycle capabilities, we specialize in manufacturing Deep Cycle batteries with starting capabilities.
Our specialty in delivering  batteries with unique
Deep Cycle capabilities is most appreciated in tough applications including Solar and alternative energy, Electric Vehicles, power backup, military and industrial equipment and machinery.
The Audio Competition series combines same Deep Cycles capabilities along with high Burst Amps delivery- a must have for competition vehicles, equipped with high power audio systems, special effects and hydraulics

We greatly thank you for considering VMAXTANKS™ and look forward to serving you soon. 

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